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Casino Chatbot helps you automate customer relations!

Instant relief for your human support team – instant answers for your customers! CasinoChatbot takes all the annoying inquiries from multiple players at once and leaves the human support for the really tricky challenges. Try it!

Ready to use Chatbot –
tailored to your Casino

CasinoChatbot can easily be integrated in your existing Online Casino, so you can start right away. It’s already filled with hundreds of real user questions and anwers, that can be customized to match your requirements.


Super Fast Response

Chatbot speeds up player conversation by giving the right answer on the spot.

 The CasinoChatbot works for you instantly – no need to wait for a human supporter.  



Make Your Players Happy!

Chatbot instantly assists the player 24/7 without getting tired. Equipped with hundreds of dedicated casino specific questions and answers it’s ready to go out of the box and can be customized and trained at any time. 


80% Lower Costs

Chatbot automates common tasks
and serves as an informational bot.

It gives your human supporters more time to take care of the really important tasks, like taking care of your VIP players.


My functions

Preconfigured and
ready to use

CasinoChatbot comes with a ready-to-use content that is based on our 12+ years of experience in supporting online casino players. The Chatbot can answer approximately 1500 questions in German and English. They cover every major casino specific topic from payments, games, accounts, promotions to bonus and free spins. All that content can be tailored to your needs.

Connect to your platform

CasinoChatbot can connect to your existing platform and act as a genuine chat operator. The bot can also be connected via Facebook messenger! Every detail will be tailored to fit your systems by our experienced software engineers.

Measure your success

A comprehensive backoffice module gives you access to important metrics and charts to measure the success of the bot. This is also the place where you and your coworkers train the bot, add new Q&A or modify existing questions and answers.

Keep your data safe

We value privacy and safety. The CasinoChatbot framework is hosted in European data centers – fully GDPR compliant. Our processes are subject to strict swiss and European law.

CasinoChatbot features out of the box

  • Casino Content Template
    Covers every common casino topic including payments, gams, accounts, promotions, bonuses and free spins
  • Chit Chat
    Talking to a bot can be fun!
  • Content Management
    Adapt existing content and add your own
  • Language Support
    Initial content is provided in German and English. More languages can easily be added
  • Handover to human supporter
    CasinoChatbot can automatically handover chat sessions to a human supporter based on various criteria and by players request
  • Dialog tree
    guides the player to common topics and delivers more relevant answers
  • Automated learning
    Suggestions for new questions based on players input
  • Backoffice
    for monitoring, reporting and editing the bot

Let me do the work.


CasinoChatbot can serve more than 100 players – at once! Take workload from your support team and let the simple questions to be answered by the bot.

"Chatbot gives our support team more freedom to take care of the really important things."

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